Care Plan


Our staff develops an written, individualized and multidisciplinary care plan for each participant which addresses cognitive, emotional, physical, and health related needs. Each participant receives a comprehensive assessment which identifies his or her needs. The care plan consists of a varied set of approaches to address the needs or problems of the participant and link them to attainable goals. The care plan is carried out by the Center staff in conjunction and cooperation with the family caregivers and the participant's physicians.

For example, if a participant has hyperglycemia (the problem), the care plan would include blood sugar maintenance (the goal) by observing signs and symptoms of a diabetic coma and insulin shock, appropriate blood sugar checks by our nurse, and the provision of a diabetic diet and medication per the participant's physicians (the approaches).

Participants are continuously assessed and care plans updated appropriately. If no changes occur within 6 months, the care plan is automatically re-evaluated and updated.

The Center staff regular updates the participant's physicians and family caregivers.