Adult Day Services

Adult day care centers, also known as adult day services, have been providing a form of respite for caregivers for more than twenty years. Circle Center Adult Day Services was one of the first 100 in the nation.

Circle Center is a great example of adult day programs that offer many of the services of senior clubs, assisted living and nursing homes at significantly lower costs (a fraction of the cost of in-home nursing, assisted living or nursing home facilities).

In 1978 there were only 300 centers nationwide. By the 1980s there were 2,100 centers, and today there are over 4,600 centers nationwide, according to the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA). 

One difference between traditional adult respite, both group and in-home care, and adult day care is that adult day centers not only provide respite to family caregivers but also therapeutic care for cognitively and physically impaired older adults.  The National Adult Day Services Association has summarized the major differences between different types of eldercare, and highlights of adult services below:

adult day chart