Testimonials from Participants and their Caregivers

Caregivers describe how they feel about Circle Center:

She enjoyed the Snoezelen experience, and she enjoyed telling me about it. Her favorite part was the projection of roses. She said she did not smell any of the aromas, but visually, she loved the roses. She said they were “big and lifelike—with all those beautiful, spectacular flowers. It made me feel good, very good.”

It has been such a blessing because of all the social, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. She has activities and her mind is occupied and stimulated. I don't have to worry about her safety or if she's happy; I have peace of mind. (Cheryl)

I would have had to stop working or put mother in a nursing home if we hadn’t found the Center. (Delores)

I appreciate the cleanliness of the building, the well-balanced meals, and the support groups that are available. (Donna)

You have taken wonderful care of my mother and made our lives much, much better while she was under your care. I don’t know what we would have done if you were not there. (Lale and Gordon)

Participants have their opinions, too!

Two years ago, I lost both of my legs within five months. Following my second amputation, while waiting for my prosthesis to be delivered, my daughter began exploring available day programs in the community. However, since I was convinced that life would never be the same and that sitting at home would suit me just fine, I was uncooperative and complained to anyone who listened about the fact that my daughter was, ‘looking for a place to put me’.  One day, my daughter was talking to my home health physical therapist and he told her about the Circle Center and the fact that he visited there occasionally to check on patients.

My daughter wasted no time arranging a visit with the social worker there.  She was very impressed with the program and the things worked out so quickly that I started attending within a couple weeks.   At first, not really wanting to go, I attended every other day but since I enjoyed the staff, activities, and other attendees so much, I quickly asked my daughter if I could increase my attendance….I learned to play the bells and performed at the Christmas party.   I particularly like the sing-alongs.  I sing so loudly that at the end I am always hoarse. Since there is so much to do, there is never an opportunity to be bored.