Participant's Rights at Circle Center

We strongly support each individual participant uniquely. All participants have these rights:
  1. The right to be treated as an adult, with respect and dignity
  2. The right to participate in a program of services and activities that promote positive attitudes about one's usefulness and capabilities
  3. The right to participate in a program of services designed to encourage learning, growth and awareness of constructive ways to develop one's interests and talents
  4. The right to be encouraged and supported in maintaining one's independence to the extent that conditions and circumstances permit, and to be involved in a program of services designed to promote personal independence
  5. The right to self-determination within the day care setting, including the opportunity to:
    • Participate in developing one's plan for services
    • Decide whether or not to participate in any given activity
    • Be involved to the extent possible in program planning and operation
  6. The right to be cared about in an atmosphere of sincere interest and concern in which needed support and services are provided
  7. The right to privacy and confidentiality