Who are our Participants?

Our programs ensure that our participants at Circle Center receive the care and support to help keep them physically and socially active. Our highly trained and certified staff provides activities designed specifically to enhance the experience of your loved one.

Circle Center serves older adults regardless of gender, race, religion, national origin or location of residence.

Participants represent diverse socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. As a general rule our participants meet these criteria:

  • Individuals who cannot live independently and require some assistance or supervision with activities of daily living
  • Individuals who have the physical, cognitive and emotional endurance to attend a minimum of two days a week
  • Individuals aged 50 years or older (exceptions can be made at the discretion of professional staff)
  • Must be free of infectious disease
  • Must have adequate support to facilitate regular attendance
  • Must be under the continuing care of a local physician
NOTE: All physical limitations and health-related conditions can be discussed on an individual basis at the intake interview.

Each applicant is assessed individually by our social worker (MSW), nurse (RN), program director (RN) and care coordinator (Occupational Therapist).

Our staff and the caregiver's family develop an individualized multidisciplinary care plan for each participant including cognitive, emotional, physical and health related needs