Memory Lane

This is the Center’s one-of-a-kind Montessori-based activity program for adults with dementia. It is designed to use memory systems that are untapped in traditional activity programs. Small groups of qualifying participants attend scheduled sessions in Memory Lane throughout the week.

memory lane

The program is structured to:  

  • Engage participants in meaningful activities in an environment of respect and dignity
  • Use memory systems that are untapped in traditional activity programs
  • Build on abilities to achieve the highest possible level of functioning, resulting in increased self-esteem
  • Manage behaviors such as boredom, frustration, anxiety, agitation
  • Maintain or improve attention span

One of our favorite activities is TimeSlips™, awarded the 2012 Caregiver Legacy Award for Creative Expression by the Family Caregiver Alliance and the Rosalinde and Albert Gilbert Foundation.  Participants spin stories around shared pictures. Lauren writes down the stories the group creates together.


Family caregivers have the opportunity to learn activities and skills to use with their loved ones at home.

Memory Lane currently has participants enrolled usually attending for 45 minutes each week. Each group is modified to the individual participants.


  • We work on Memory Books that we give to the participants at the end of the year to share with families for the holidays. 
  • Reminiscing activities are always fun!
  • Daily living activities and puzzles are individually monitored according to each participant's current level so we can give him or her the appropriate activity and monitor progress or regression.
  • Games from childhood are brought to life again!
  • Nine different question balls (like beach balls with questions printed on them) stimulate conversation and interaction as each participant reads a question, answers it, and tosses or passes it to another participant.
  • With chair yoga we de-stress from the week and transition to the weekend.


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