A Daughter's Story   

by Robin Harris

My mother, Betty Stone, is one participant who looks forward to attending Circle Center everyday. She retired from Henrico County Public Schools, where she was secretary to the principal of Douglas S. Freeman High School. As the youngest of eight children, Mother is the type of person who has always enjoyed being surrounded by friendly people who, we quickly discovered, are plentiful at the Center. She thrives on liveliness and participates in as many activities as she is able.

Mother has lived with my husband and me since 1999. Before finding Circle Center, companion care was arranged for her at home during the day. Although the companion service could not have been nicer, I realized that she needed more stimulation. We feel blessed to have found Circle Center, and Mother has been so happy since attending the Center for the past several years. As her sole caregiver, it gives me great comfort to leave her at the Center for the day, while my husband and I work full time.

The staff is so respectful of Mother's needs. I feel confident that, when I drop her off in the morning, she will be taken care of with a great deal of compassion and kindness until I see her again in the evening. I cannot say enough good things about the staff and the many fun activities the facility offers.