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Are you juggling a full-time job and caring for your aging parents: Has Dad taken the medication? Did Mom eat? Are you nervous or hesitant going to work, running errands or leaving your loved one alone for an extended period of time? Circle Center replaces your anxiety with confidence and relief.  Your family stays together. You can go to work or do errands with relief from worry about leaving someone home alone. Call Jay Burkhardt, our social worker, (804) 355-5717 to discuss how we can partner with you in caregiving for your loved one.

At Circle Center your loved one gets plenty of socialization and has fun. “The joy that she gets from the Center is priceless”.   Tom, a participant's son, calls us Heaven on Earth. Read about our 40th Anniversary and meet our newest staff members in our latest Connections newsletter. More than you imagined!

Circle Center Adult Day Services is open Monday through Saturday.  The cost is $75 per day which includes breakfast, lunch, two snacks, all activities, medical management and an individualized care plan for your loved one (printable brochure). We accept private pay, Medicaid, long term health insurance, Veteran's Aid & Attendance, and offer generous scholarships. Last year our families stayed together and delayed nursing home placement for 30,233 days and saved themselves and taxpayers at least $5,033,448.

Caregiver stress is proven to be significantly reduced when adult day services are part of the care plan for your loved one. Circle Center provides the respite at-home caregivers need. In our 2016 anonymous family survey, 96% of families said using Circle Center helped them cope and 96% reported Circle Center helped them maintain valued life roles such as worker, caregiver, volunteer and member of a faith community.

Consider adult day services when:

  • You find strange placements of food or objects when you return home.
  • Your loved one doesn’t eat meals even when you prepare and leave them.
  • Your loved one cannot take medications as directed without your close supervision.
  • An older adult is at great risk of fall injuries because of mobility challenges.

Experts say adult day care can be tremendously helpful in easing the burden of caregivers who work during the day.  The goals of the programs are to delay or prevent institutionalization by providing alternate care, to enhance self-esteem and to encourage socialization, You can work and get the things done that help you keep your loved one at home.  And that means peace of mind for you and purposeful, fun-filled days for your loved one.

Read the difference this makes for our families. Circle Center has support groups for the participants and their caregivers, as well as a wealth of local and national resources to help individual challenges.

Perfect for older adults and their families, health and human service professionals, clergy, employee assistance and HR professionals, elder-law and financial planning professionals and others concerned with long term care and resources for older adults and their family caregivers.

"Circle Center Adult Day Services' of Earth Angels is a collection of some best caregivers on this planet (or for all I know, in this universe). Armed with invisible (to mere mortals) Hot Wings, they are everywhere they need to be, doing whatever needs to be done to make sure our loved ones are indeed loved and cared for. And they take care of family caregivers as well."

Tammy and Richard's story

“The joy that she gets from the Center is priceless,” Richard explains. “It allows me to go to work assured that she is being cared at the same time regaining social skills and physical abilities that had been slowly slipping away.”

Centrally located, at an affordable cost, we been honored to serve the older population and their families for 38 years with healthy long-term elder care.

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